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Who Tells Me So? Paul, Peter and Those Guys

A key tenant of the 1stFaith concept is that those who followed Jesus first knew best what was most important regarding God and Jesus Christ. If we can get back to what they—men like Peter, Paul, James, John and so many others—believed, we can find a more powerful faith.

Illustrating this, on a recent Sunday my pastor introduced an Andy Stanley (pastor of North Point Community Church near Atlanta) message addressing “The Bible Tells Me So” idea which so often falls apart when under intense questioning. I don’t watch many videos, but I was riveted to this one.

Hear me out because you’re reading the thoughts of a guy who most certainly believes the Bible is the true, inspired word of God.

Stanley’s message was quickly vilified by many when the evangelical community first heard about it. Problem was, few listened to what he had to say. Once the naysayers listened, they began to understand.
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#1st Faith

1stFaith 101: A Fascinating Journey

Much of Coffee with Kirk focuses on a 1stFaith, so it’s worth answering, “What is it?”

A 1stFaith is a fresh perspective on following Jesus Christ, an unwavering belief that those who first followed Jesus—the disciples and apostles—are our best examples, our actual church fathers. They literally walked with Jesus and the faith they lived and shared was world-changing and powerful. If we want an effective faith then, we need their faith.

What were those concepts the first followers believed were vital? What did they teach? What did they emphasize?

Looking from another perspective, a 1stFaith is honest enough to look at ourselves—whatever our denominational background—and ask, “Is what I believe consistent with what they focused on in those first days of Christianity?”

We hear a lot today about getting Christianity back to a “First Century Faith,” and this is worth applauding.

But to find our way back to the apostles’ faith which turned the world upside down, we must find what made their faith so engaging that people were willing to lay down their lives for what they knew to be true.

Their faith was simple. Uncomplicated. Their core beliefs were understood by everyone from scholars to the illiterate. Heck, many of the first “theologians” were originally fishermen.

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Lessons From a Bladder-Challenged Dog

Several months ago, I wrote about our new dog, Aubie. Despite my reservations about having yet another mouth to feed, this little dachshund captured me. And somehow, he continues to teach me lessons.

Right now, Aubie is imparting to me the discipline of patience, while also sharing the value of anticipation. In our lives, we need both. Somehow, a four-legged canine is walking me through the acquisition of these two seemingly unrelated character traits.

As for learning patience, Aubie has a habit of meeting someone new at the door by wagging his tail in excitement . . . and making a puddle on the floor. Thank the Good Lord for hardwood.

This, my friends, is trying. Whenever a guest shows up—which is often every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening, we can expect Aubie to run to the door and apply his greeting to the foyer. Our trained response is to snag a paper towel when the doorbell rings.

“He likes you,” we say with embarrassment as our guest steps over Lake Aubie.

While Dachshunds are not necessarily guard dogs, we do have hope that should a burglar break into our domicile, “Aubie the Ferocious” will step forth and save the day. In my dream scenario, upon spotting an intruder, Aubie, in predictable fashion, loses control of his bladder, creates his liquid obstacle and causes the perp to lose his balance. The thief breaks a hip, giving me the opportunity to tie him up before the police arrive.

Yes, Aubie teaches me patience. Whether it is family, friends, or a stranger at the door, if more than 92 seconds have passed since his last potty break, Aubie will break forth—leaving me shaking my head. Again.

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The Wall

At a time when our social and political structure is aligned against the most innocent among us, The Wall outlines a plan to ending abortion as we know it.

PHCs are the ultimate answer to creating a new culture of life in America. Using the powerful story of Nehemiah, The Wall shows us why, and how this can take place—in the next 10 years.

Place this book in the hands of pro-life friends in your community and they will see a clear plan of action in which they can play key roles.

For anyone who is pro-life, The Wall is the answer to the question, “How can we actually win?” And for pregnancy help centers, this book is the next step in a new vision, new growth, and powerful impact in your community.

Catch the vision behind The Wall today; you’ll want to pass it on.

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Welcome to Coffee

Welcome to my small corner of the web. It’s great to have you here for conversation and connection. My hope is this becomes a home for you; a place to discuss issues of faith, culture and life.

You’ll find I’m captivated with 1stFaith; which simplifies Christianity by focusing resolutely on what the first disciples and apostles (those who truly knew Jesus) believed and taught.

When we zero in on what was vital to the first followers of Jesus, we re-energize today’s church.

We will talk about cultural issues, too. My columns at Pregnancy Help News often show up on this page. Whether you consider yourself “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” maybe we can find a place to meet and dialogue.

Read what you want, discard the rest. Drop a comment and I’ll be connecting back with you. We’re in this together. Let’s enjoy the journey.