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When Ciphering is Easy

I’m not “against” prophecy, but I notice the apostles didn’t spend much time on it. John wrote the book of Revelation, certainly. Yet if we read the Book of Acts and all the letters, we don’t see the leaders of the early church spending much time predicting this or ciphering that. Their focus is on doing what God, and what Jesus, called on them to do…

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Here’s One About a Jewish Rabbi

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Does the Shirt Fit?

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1st Faith 101: A Fascinating Journey

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Lessons From A Bladder Challenged Dog

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#1st Faith: All In One Place

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6 Simple Ideas (I Overcomplicated)

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Welcome to Coffee

Welcome to my small corner of the web. It’s great to have you here for conversation and connection. My hope is this becomes a home for you; a place to discuss issues of faith, culture and life.

You’ll find I’m captivated with 1stFaith; which simplifies Christianity by focusing resolutely on what the first disciples and apostles (those who truly knew Jesus) believed and taught.

When we zero in on what was vital to the first followers of Jesus, we re-energize today’s church.

1stFaith thinking is revolutionary, in a sense. Jump in to the revolution here, where we’ve categorized our 1stFaith posts.

We will talk about cultural issues, too. My columns at Pregnancy Help News often show up on this page. Whether you consider yourself “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” maybe we can find a place to meet and dialogue.

Read what you want, discard the rest. Drop a comment and I’ll be connecting back with you. We’re in this together. Let’s enjoy the journey.