#1st Faith

Thank Gutenburg for a 1st Faith? Yep.

Over the last couple of weeks my nine-year-old son was working on a project for “History Club,” which meets at Belle Meade Mansion in Nashville.

His mission? Find a great inventor who flies under the radar when we consider famous inventors.

Therefore, Ben Franklin, the Wright Brothers and others were out. His choice? Johannes Gutenburg, who gave us the printing press.

Reading over my son’s notes, he zeroed in on Gutenberg’s Bible, published about 1450 or a few years after. “Before this,” he pointed out, “monks had to copy the Bible by hand.”

It’s not like I didn’t know this, but it is so easy to forget that we—the average Joe Schmos (Jane Schmos, too)—are “new” to reading the Bible, when we consider 2000 years of Christianity.

Until Gutenberg, only the intelligentsia and religious leaders had the opportunity to read the gospels, Paul’s letters and the rest of scripture. Regular people—who were largely illiterate anyway—had little or no opportunity to see these truths for themselves.


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#1st Faith

What is a #1st Faith, and Why Does it Matter?

You’ll see me refer to 1stFaith often; but what is it?

Ahhh, good question—so glad you asked!

A 1stFaith is a belief that the first followers of Jesus Christ carried with them a powerful and effective faith. They walked with Jesus, they heard him speak, they wrote the very words we read in our New Testament today.

Those who want a 1stFaith then, seek to understand what those early believers thought was most important. What did they emphasize? What did they think about? What core beliefs were vital to them?

The first followers did something no other group in history can claim: Led by Jesus and following his command to make disciples, they took this new faith and within minutes after Peter first proclaimed this message, thousands joined them. That’s power.

But they weren’t done. Risking their lives, they advanced the kingdom of God across their known world, standing tall in the face of persecution and yet, adding to their number day by day.

A 1stFaith then, is a journey back to those first followers, soaring above two thousand years of debate (and unfortunately, a lot of division) to say, “They had it right. They—better than us or anyone who followed after them—understood what matters most.”

The 1stFaith journey is a challenging one, because on the way we may have to discard some of our closely-held beliefs, and perhaps add others.

The goal however, is worth the journey.


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On a Mission from God and Still Learning

Last week (April 18-21) was #HeartCon17, Heartbeat International’s annual conference in Chicago, “On a Mission from God.”

The theme comes from the 1980 movie, The Blues Brothers, with Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. Their mission was to raise money for the orphanage where they grew up; our mission during the conference is to gain tools and encouragement to fulfill our mission of creating a new culture of life in America and around the world.

Meeting new friends and building long-term relationships during these days, it struck me that all of us in the pregnancy help community are still learning, because the mission is still in front of each of us.

Having been in the pregnancy help community for more than 25 years, the challenge is for me is to stay fresh, and in Chicago, it was easy to find innovation. For proof that I must be becoming an old man, I’m incredibly impressed with the young people (an “old man” word) and the talent they bring to the pro-life table.

From stunning visuals like those offered at one of our luncheons by Save the Storks, to creating a powerful online presence like my friends at StandUp Girl are doing, it’s clear the life-affirming community has a bright future. I also connected with a young leader who knows how to reach fathers effectively and creatively, Gary Freeman. I’ve been a dad a lot longer than Gary, but he is teaching me plenty on reaching out to fathers, many of whom are fatherless themselves.

Walking through through the exhibit hall and checking out the workshops I was emboldened again, realizing that we—the life-affirming community—are always looking forward with vision.

Fact is, we need these new ideas. Heck, I need ‘em.

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The Wall

At a time when our social and political structure is aligned against the most innocent among us, The Wall outlines a plan to ending abortion as we know it.

PHCs are the ultimate answer to creating a new culture of life in America. Using the powerful story of Nehemiah, The Wall shows us why, and how this can take place—in the next 10 years.

Place this book in the hands of pro-life friends in your community and they will see a clear plan of action in which they can play key roles.

For anyone who is pro-life, The Wall is the answer to the question, “How can we actually win?” And for pregnancy help centers, this book is the next step in a new vision, new growth, and powerful impact in your community.

Catch the vision behind The Wall today; you’ll want to pass it on.

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Welcome to Coffee

Welcome to my small corner of the web. It’s great to have you here for conversation and connection. My hope is this becomes a home for you; a place to discuss issues of faith, culture and life.

You’ll find I’m captivated with 1stFaith; which simplifies Christianity by focusing resolutely on what the first disciples and apostles (those who truly knew Jesus) believed and taught.

When we zero in on what was vital to the first followers of Jesus, we re-energize today’s church.

We will talk about cultural issues, too. My columns at Pregnancy Help News often show up on this page. Whether you consider yourself “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” maybe we can find a place to meet and dialogue.

Read what you want, discard the rest. Drop a comment and I’ll be connecting back with you. We’re in this together. Let’s enjoy the journey.