The Lead

Confessions of a Crappy Evangelist

Let’s just get it out there: When it comes to evangelism, I’ve got a lot to learn. A lot. And no, this isn’t some kind of teaser to keep you reading so I can tell you how great I am at sharing my faith.

It’s just the truth. Fact is, I mask it well. Most of the people I hang out with are people of faith. I didn’t sit down and plan it that way, but it’s the way it is.

A normal week for me means little or no interaction with those who don’t agree with me when it comes to God. For starters, I go to church on Sundays, then hang out at home. Easy interactions, no sweat.

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Our Sacred Honor

The counts vary, but many gave their fortunes. For instance, William Paca of Maryland used his own money to provide uniforms for the Continental Army. Ten lost their homes and another seven suffered almost total loss of their property.

One, Thomas Nelson of Virginia, realized British officers occupied his home. He told American forces to fire upon it, and they did. Nelson’s home was destroyed, a reminder of what Nelson pledged when he signed the Declaration.

As for sacred honor, not one signer reneged on his pledge. That’s good enough for me..

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Wearing the Hat

Though I haven’t played any real competitive golf in 30 years, I’m still a member of the United States Golf Association—for a good reason. They give me a hat.

Yes, when I renew my membership by forking over $10 or $15 each year, they send me a commemorative U.S. Open hat. I think that’s cool, because I’m a nerd when it comes to golf. I like golf hats, so I am an established, dues-paying member of the USGA.

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1st Faith 101: A Fascinating Journey

Looking from another perspective, a 1stFaith is honest enough to look at ourselves—whatever our denominational background—and ask, “Is what I believe consistent with what they focused on in those first days of Christianity?”

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A First Century Faith – Let’s Go

With a new look on the web page, we’re back in pursuit of a First Century Faith. But first, what in the world is a First Century Faith . . . and why does it matter?

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Random Thoughts

Waiting for my plane, all I could hear were quiet conversations, and a cellist. Yep, right there in the middle of those scurrying to planes, Adam Hurst played the cello. And it was a blast of peace.

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Lessons From A Bladder Challenged Dog

As for learning patience, Aubie has a habit of meeting someone new at the door by wagging his tail in excitement . . . and making a puddle on the floor. Thank the Good Lord for hardwood.

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Master Luke

Back in 1980 I had scarcely opened a Bible; much less read one. I was a senior in high school and to that point never saw a reason to spend my time reading some archaic tome I believed had no relevance to my life.

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Welcome to Coffee

Welcome to my small corner of the web. It’s great to have you here for conversation and connection. My hope is this becomes a home for you; a place to discuss issues of faith, culture and life.

You’ll find I’m captivated with 1stFaith; which simplifies Christianity by focusing resolutely on what the first disciples and apostles (those who truly knew Jesus) believed and taught.

When we zero in on what was vital to the first followers of Jesus, we re-energize today’s church.

1stFaith thinking is revolutionary, in a sense. Jump in to the revolution here, where we’ve categorized our 1stFaith posts.

We will talk about cultural issues, too. My columns at Pregnancy Help News often show up on this page. Whether you consider yourself “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” maybe we can find a place to meet and dialogue.

Read what you want, discard the rest. Drop a comment and I’ll be connecting back with you. We’re in this together. Let’s enjoy the journey.